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Larger context for LACK in Corpus USbrown_UKbncw/UK_bncw.txt

  I returned to the changes in British society required to bring about the Empire on which the light of reason rarely shone.   lack >   It was going to be a long night, as I also had to finish an already over-due essay on Swedish expansion in the seventeenth century (it would have to be a goodish one, too an earlier remark &mdash made in an unguarded moment during a methodically boring tutorial &mdash ascribing Swedish territorial gains in the Baltic to the invention of the Smorgasbord with its take-what- you-want ethic, had not endeared me to the professor concerned nor had my subsequent discourse on the innate frivolity of the Swedes, despite what I thought was the irrefutable argument that no nation capable of giving a Peace Prize to Henry Kissinger could possibly be accused of lack ing a sense of humour.     Pity it was actually the Norwegians.   I remembered a joke about Kissinger ("no fucking her.") and found myself listening to Gav and Janice.   They were still at that stage of their coital symphony where only the brass section was engaged, as the old metal bed creaked to and fro.   The wind section &mdash essentially vox humana &mdash would join in later.