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Larger context for LACK in Corpus USbrown_UKbncw/UK_bncw.txt

They were together -- happily and companionably together, separated for a time from the outside world and its evil influences.
"Changed?" she asked in pretended alarm.
"The joys of reunion are no longer of consequence -- is that your meaning, my lord?"
He shook his head.
"Nay, such was not my meaning -- as you know full well!
I fell in love with you several moons ago.
Before that, I was heart-free, a somewhat studious fellow, I suppose, who lacked the merry nature of his younger brother.
You are aware of my continuing regard for you -- tell me, I pray you, that you yet return my regard."
"You need not the telling, my lord," she dimpled.
"We both recognize methinks that, young though we be in years, we are all in all to each other."
"In truth, Joan, you are as far removed from myself as ever.
First my father's plans for my marrying a French princess, precluded my offering you anything more than a clandestine attachment -- and now, with the future so uncertain, I fear that clandestine attachment and French princess are each as remote as the other.
Indeed, I strongly suspect that for Richard and myself there is no future!"
"Surely the prince is not in danger," Joan protested.
"He is but heir presumptive."
"He is heir to the rightful king of this land," Edward reminded her -- a mite haughtily, Joan thought.
"Should I die, Richard would under normal circumstances accede to the throne with the lady Anne as his consort."