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Larger context for LACK in Corpus USbrown_UKbncw/UK_bncw.txt

The custom was a celebrated one, and an important aspect of the pastor's work.
There had in the past been clergymen who had elaborated the written account in the manner of solo violinists, composing their own cadenzas, and their elaborations had found their way into the written account.
There had been others lacking in imagination, who stuck to the basic facts but lent them theatrical weight.
Miss Danziger had heard a variety of interpretations over the many years.… The pastor who emerged from the vestry into the nave had a file of children at his heels.
Miss Danziger judged that the story would be over- carefully related that morning, for many of the children were very young and the more lurid details of the massacre might be regarded as too frightening for them.
She did not recognise the pastor.
She had not yet raised her eyes to the frescos; she would do so in due course; she found them almost unbearably painful to behold.
Instead, she focused her attention on the children as they opened the box pews and, in the case of the young ones, helped one another on to the seats.
She noticed that some held hands.
All observed absolute silence.