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Larger context for LACK in Corpus USbrown_UKbncw/US_brown.txt

  He had never heard the word reactionary before his life as a POW began.   It was a word he was proud of, a word that meant much to him, and he used it with great pleasure, almost as if it were an exclusive possession, and more he sensed himself to be very highly educated, four cuts above any of the folks back home ...   "Four cuts at least", he chuckled to himself, "and I owe it all to them".   The word also made him feel hate, sincere hate, for those so labeled.   He used it very effectively when he wanted to get his squad on the ball.   It came up again and again in the discussion sessions ...   Lousy Reactionary bastards been tryin to fuck up the Program for months.   Months.   lack >   Hired, hard lack eys of the Warmongering Capitalists.     Not captured, sent here.   To fuck up the Program.   You guys remember that.   Remember that ...   He heard himself haranguing them.   He saw himself before them delivering the speech.   He laughed, suddenly, feeling a surge of power telling him of his hold over them, seeing himself before them, receiving utmost respect and attention.   One day, Ching had told him (smiling, patting him on the back) as they walked to the weekly conference of squad leaders, "Keep it up, your squad is good, one of the best, keep it up, keep up the good work".   He would!