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(Fretter & Graham (1985) prefer to retain the Thaididae within the Muricidae.)
Nucella, as we have seen, is a genus of temporate intertidal thaids, feeding for preference on barnacles and mussels (which they attack by boring a hole through the shell of their victim and subsequently inserting their proboscis through the same hole in order to feed), and lacking a planktonic phase in their life cycle.
Except in thin-shelled populations, adults usually lay down a row of teeth along the lip of the aperture.
Thais is a genus of primarily sub-tidal, warm- water thaids, feeding on a range of molluscan prey.
They bore a hole through their victim's shell which ( at least in T. haenmastoma (Carriker, 1981)) is too small for the whelk to insert its proboscis.
There is a planktonic larval stage.
Adults do not thicken the shell lip or form "teeth" (Fretter & Graham, 1985).
Purpura is a small genus of high intertidal thaids from warm seas, feeding mainly on gastropods (topshells and winkles) which they attack through the operculum (Wellington & Kuris, 1983).