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Larger context for LACK in Corpus USbrown_UKbncw/US_brown.txt

  Often the displeased parties interpreted our decision as implying favoritism toward the other.   We have consoled ourselves with the thought that this is a normal human reaction and is one of the consequences of any decision in an adversary proceeding.   It is disconcerting, nevertheless, to read in a labor weekly, "Perluss knuckles down to growers", and then to be confronted with a growers' publication which states, "Perluss recognizes obviously phony and trumped-up strikes as bona fide".   For a number of years, there have been sporadic attempts in California to organize farm workers.   These attempts met with little sucess for a variety of reasons.   lack >   They were inadequately financed, without experienced leadership, and lack ed the general support of organized labor as a whole.     This past year the pattern has been different The organizing program had the full support of the AFL- CIO, which supplied staff and money to the AWOC, as well as moral support.   Leadership was experienced and skillful, and financial resources were significant.   Regardless of where personal sympathies may lie as between the parties, failure to recognize these changed conditions would be to ignore the facts of life.