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Furthermore they concluded that farmers had used this political power to prevent new employment in order to keep farm wages lower, and to keep rural council house building rates at a minimum so as to keep farm workers tied to their cottages.
Nonetheless, they also found that the professional newcomers to the area were often upset by the environmental consequences of modern farming ( see Chapters 8 and 9) and since they lacked a rural power base they formed environmental pressure groups to protest against the farmers, thus creating a new form of social division in the rural community.
Although Newby and his colleagues have demonstrated the dogged hold of traditional rural society on the levers of power, the changes foreseen by Pahl and Thorns, and documented by Ambrose, Connell, Radford and Pacione, may be only the foretaste of a much greater change in rural society, if the development of rural communities in California is a guide to the future as it has been so often in the past.