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The women in the armies of the English Civil Wars played a significant role, having shown great courage, determination and innovation.
Indeed, so had those left behind to defend their houses.
The nursing skills the camp followers brought with them, must have reduced the number of fatalities and the contribution made by those who donned male attire, and fought along side their men can not be counted.
Women had proved they were neither cowards nor intellectually lacking.
It is sad to note then, that their lot did not improve substantially.
They again became the "weaker sex", who were delicate and fragile and could not cope with the strains of learning and would continue to be mere property to be traded at will.
On the death of Queen Mary in 1694, a sermon was preached noting how rare it was to find courage and heroism in a woman and relating this to the modesty and selfless nature of the late queen, in abasing herself before her husband.
Women appeared to have moved down the scale in men's esteem, rather than up it.
Essay XI Some Theories of Child Development As well as the Social-Learning approach to child development, there are the Psychoanalytic Approach - begun by Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud's development of this approach, and Piaget's and Kohlberg's theories of Moral Development.