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Definite information on the growth of senile individuals is lacking.
At birth, this species varies considerably in size.
A brood of twenty-eight born at Brookfield Zoo, near Chicago, ranged in length from 22 to 33-1 2 inches and averaged 29 inches.
Lawrence E.
Griffin gives measurements of nineteen young anacondas, presumably members of a brood, from "South America"; the extreme measurements of these fall between the lower limit of the Brookfield brood and its average.
Raymond L.
Ditmars had two broods that averaged 27 inches.
Mole and F.
Urich give approximately 20 inches as the average length of a brood of thirty from the region of the Orinoco estuaries.
William Beebe reports 26 inches and 2.4 ounces (this snake must have been emaciated) for the length and the weight of a young anaconda from British Guiana.
In contrast, Ditmars recorded the average length of seventy-two young of a 19-foot female as 38 inches, and four young were born in London at a length of 35 or 36 inches and a weight of from 14 to 16 ounces.