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  He rejects dimensions of 70 feet and more.   His thirteenth chapter includes many exciting accounts of huge serpents with prodigious strength, but these seem to be given to complete his picture, not to be believed.   Detailed information on record lengths of the giants is given in the section that follows.
Discussions of the giants one by one will include, as far as possible, data on these aspects of growth size at which life is started and at which sexual maturity is reached time required to reach maturity rate of growth both before and after this crucial stage and maximum length, with confirmation or amplification of Oliver's figures.   lack >   Definite information on the growth of senile individuals is lack ing.
At birth, this species varies considerably in size.  
  A brood of twenty-eight born at Brookfield Zoo, near Chicago, ranged in length from 22 to 33-1 2 inches and averaged 29 inches.   Lawrence E.   Griffin gives measurements of nineteen young anacondas, presumably members of a brood, from "South America" the extreme measurements of these fall between the lower limit of the Brookfield brood and its average.   Raymond L.   Ditmars had two broods that averaged 27 inches.   R.   R.   Mole and F.   W.