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  Lastly, the sad record of colonialism in the far north-east includes the name of the Aleuts, who were largely annihilated by the Russians during the latter's trans-Pacific adventure in pursuit of sea-otter furs.   lack >   It is not surprising that the general trends for the indigenous population of the Russian colony of Siberia from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century were that some individuals, mainly "chiefs or traders, adapted to the ways of their conquerors and became successful according to the standards of Russian society, while the mass of their compatriots, exploited by the Russian system and lack ing any means of redress, fell increasingly into poverty and degradation.     It was because of this, along with the commonplaces of fashionable racial theory, that most educated Russians at the beginning of the twentieth century were convinced that practically all the smaller peoples of Siberia were irrevocably doomed to extinction.   Sheila Rowbotham Revolt in Roundhay At seventeen I liked Nescafe, sausages, cooking apples and Camus.   I fancied myself as an incipient existentialist.