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  We have all heard the stories of season ticket holders being found to stand for a match because someone else had been allocated a ticket for that seat.   But the work of the ticket office needs looking at.   Decisions made on the spur of the moment by so called "officials' puts unnecessary pressure on those behind the counter.   The distribution of tickets late in the day on Tuesday for the sale of Saturday's Cup match are a good example.   The need to call police to sort out minor disturbances only skims the surface of a problem that does the name of the club no good and reduces its image to that of second rate.   The loyal and paying supporter demands greater respect from the club.   In return the club may see a return to even greater loyal support.   lack >   D F Lidden Quality football lack ing by Town Sir, -- So far Ipswich Town's surprisingly high league position and points total have diverted attention from the basic lack  of positive quality football in their performances.     Hard work, 10 man defending, clearing the ball as far as possible and snatching goals against the run of play, have given safety and enjoyable results, but poor entertainment.   Now that their opponents are also prepared to sacrifice entertainment and match Town for effort, the goals and points are drying up.