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  The future inhabitants of this mini-estate can look forward to persistent heavy traffic noise made more acute by the amphitheatre effect of being on a hillside.   Car drivers will now have to negotiate the dangers of an access road hidden by a bend on a hill.   These are just two reasons why an environmental impact survey is needed but the planning committee have not considered this.   In the future, Suffolk people will reflect on this decade and they will find it strange that at a time when environmental issues were more prevalent than ever both county and borough councils made such an effort to be seen to be environmentally friendly, that so much development took place on the green belt of Ipswich.   lack >   Roger Allum Quality football lack ing by Town Sir, So far Ipswich Town's surprisingly high league position and points total have diverted attention from the basic lack  of positive quality football in their performances.     Hard work, 10 man defending, clearing the ball as far as possible and snatching goals against the run of play, have given safety and enjoyable results, but poor entertainment.   Now that their opponents are also prepared to sacrifice entertainment and match Town for effort, the goals and points are drying up.