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  Wexler had charged the precinct judges in these cases with "complementary" miscount of the vote, in which votes would be taken from one candidate and given to another.   The cases involved judges in the 33d, 24th, and 42d precincts of the 31st ward, the 21st and 28th precincts of the 29th ward, the 18th precinct of the 4th ward, and the 9th precinct of the 23d ward.   The case of the judges in the 58th precinct of the 23d ward had been heard previously and taken under advisement by Karns.   lack >   Two other cases also were under advisement.
After reading his statement discharging the 23d ward case, Karns told Wexler that if the seven cases scheduled for trial also involved persons who had been subpenaed, he would dismiss them.
- President Kennedy today proposed a mammoth new medical care program whereby social security taxes on 70 million American workers would be raised to pay the hospital and some other medical bills of 14.2 million Americans over 65 who are covered by social security or railroad retirement programs.