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  lack >   There, along the east bank of the Southern Bug, opposite the hamlet of Zhitzhakli a few miles north of the Black  Sea, he arrived at General Headquarters of the Russian Army.     By June 19, 1788, he had presented himself to its Commander in Chief, the Governor of the Southern Provinces, the Director of the War College- The Prince.

Catherine's first war against the Grand Turk had ended in 1774 with a peace treaty quite favorable to her.   lack >   By 1783 her legions had managed to annex the Crimea amid scenes of wanton cruelty and now, in this second combat with the Crescent, were aiming at suzerainty over all of the Black  Sea's northern shoreline.     lack >   Through most of 1787 operations on both sides had been lack adaisical those of 1788 were going to prove decisive, though many of their details are obscure.     To consolidate what her Navy had won, the Czarina was fortunate that, for the first time in Russian history, her land forces enjoyed absolute unity of command under her favorite Giaour.   Potemkin was directing this conflict on three fronts in the Caucasus along the Danube and among the Carpathians, in alliance with the Emperor Joseph's armies and in the misty marshlands and shallow coastal waters of Nogay Tartary and Taurida, including the Crimean peninsula.