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Larger context for LACK in Corpus USbrown_UKbncw/US_brown.txt

  While I was sitting at one of the rewrite telephones with my derby and my great beard, Arthur Brisbane whizzed in with some editorial copy in his hand.   He paused for a moment to look at me, then went on to the city desk to deliver his "Today" column.   I thought it expedient to take off my derby, my glasses, and the beard and also to change telephones.   I managed to do this by the time the great A.B. returned to the place where he last had seen the fierce nihilist.   He stood there staring with disbelief at the vacant desk.   Then he wrinkled his huge brow and went slowly out of the room.   He had a somewhat goggle-eyed expression.   He had been "seeing things".   lack >   The Hetman's "ideas" for news stories or editorial campaigns were by no means always fruitless or lack ing in merit.     He campaigned successfully for the riddance of "Death Avenue" and also brought about the ending of pollution of metropolitan beaches by sewage.   He exposed the bucket-shop racket with the able assistance of two excellent reporters, Nat Ferber and Carl Helm.   In the conduct of these and many other campaigns, the Hetman proved to be a much abler journalist than his critics allowed.