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Larger context for LACK in Corpus USbrown_UKbncw/US_brown.txt

Proprietorships can establish a meaningful identity, representing a human personality, and thus establish sincere relationships with customers and community.
Corporations are apt by nature to be impersonal, inhumane, shortsighted and almost exclusively profit-motivated, a picture they could scarcely afford to present to the public.
The proprietor is able to create a leadership impossible in the corporate structure with its board of directors and stockholders.
Leadership is lacking in our society because it has no legitimate place to develop.
Men continuously at the head of growing enterprises can acquire experiences of the most varied, complicated and trying type so that at maturation they have developed the competence and willingness to accept the personal responsibility so sorely needed now.
Hence government must establish greater controls upon corporations so that their activities promote what is deemed essential to the national interest.
Proprietorships should get the tax advantages now accruing to corporations, e. g. the chance to accumulate capital so vital for growth.
Corporations should pay added taxes, to be used for educational purposes (not necessarily of the formal type).
The right to leave legacies should be substantially reduced and ultimately eliminated.