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Larger context for LACK in Corpus USbrown_UKbncw/UK_bncw.txt

  The Sandinista campaign slogan, Everything will get better, seems in this context an admission of defeat.   Their platform emphasises their achievements in reducing child mortality and enhancing rural education, and seeks to present the FSLN as an experienced, united party.   The main opposition alliance, the 14-party Nicaraguan Opposition Union ( UNO), is portrayed as opportunist and divided and infiltrated by pro- contra, Somoza-era hangovers.   But a series of opinion polls have suggested, very roughly, a 30-30 split with 40 per cent of the electorate undecided.   If the Sandinistas have their problems, so too does UNO.   lack >   Its presidential candidate, Mrs Violeta Chamorro, brings to the fray a symbolic appeal as the widow of the murdered publisher of La Prensa, but lack s any political experience-- a fact that becomes embarrassingly clear when she appears in public.     UNO's acceptance of US campaign fund donations and Mrs Chamorro's appointment of the former contra director, Afredo Cesar, as her adviser, has opened her to charges of collaborating with the US.   The main theme of the UNO campaign is reconciliation.   The alliance plays on the prospect of an end to the US trade embargo and increased foreign aid in the event of an UNO victory.   It has pledged to end the deeply unpopular draft and to reduce the 80,000-strong army.