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  The Administration has publicly backed Mrs Chamorro's candidacy, prompting Sandinista protests about continuing US "meddling.   During her European tour, which includes a meeting with Mrs Thatcher on Monday and visits to Paris, Madrid, and Bonn, Mrs Chamorro will outline UNO's poll strategy and seek &dollar 6 million in campaign donations, according to her spokesman, Mr Antonio Lacayo.   Mr Lacayo said UNO would receive &dollar 2 million of the US aid.   He stressed the difficulties facing the coalition which according to one opinion poll, has the support of 42 per cent of Nicaraguans.   lack >   The coalition lack ed campaign offices and vehicles, Mr Lacayo said, and faced intimidation, and restricted media access, from the Nicaraguan Government.     "We are absolutely confident we will win if the elections are fair, Mr Lacayo said.   "But we are not 100 per cent sure they will be clean and fair.   President Ortega had made his commitment to the February poll before UNO existed, Mr Lacayo said.   "The opposition was divided and he thought his would be the strongest party.   The reaction to Mrs Chamorro has been very strong and it's beginning to worry Ortega.