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  This often makes the new law ineffectual in the prevailing conditions, rather than in producing a solution.   The latest government practice, of having an additional mid-year budget each November, confirms the fact that grand strategies devised with the full confidence of the ruling party, and which consequently become Acts of Parliament every July, frequently prove inadequate in as little as six months.   lack >   In the 19th Century the working classes, exasperated by their plight and the lack  of initiative of their employers, formed into trades unions to give themselves the corporate strength which individuals lack ed.     The unions have steadfastly tried to improve the lot of their members, often, it sometimes seems, at the expense of the workers' own industries.   In the past, the unions have demanded, and got, a larger slice of the existing "cake" -- the profits of the industry in which they work.   If it happened that the particular industry or business was working less efficiently than its foreign competitors, it was simply further relatively weakened.